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Valvetrain Controls and Advanced Variable Valve Timing

  • 11/09/2019
  • 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Triton College - Automotive Technology Building T, River Grove, IL


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ASA-Illinois is proud to present more dates for Hands-On Tech Training (HOTT) events in the Fall of 2019 at Triton College on November 9, sponsored by CPS.

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Valvetrain Controls and Advanced Variable Valve Timing  

Instructor: Jerry Tempel

Sponsored by:


Valvetrain Controls and Advanced Variable Valve Timing

Instructor: Jerry Tempel, ACDelco Training Manager

Sponsored by CPS

Course Description:

This ILT course will cover valvetrain timing and control systems. Modern engines employ valve timing and lift adjustment strategies to improve fuel economy, power and emissions. Topics include function and operation of variable valve timing, valve lift and cylinder deactivation systems. Also discussed are diagnosis and repair techniques, including servicing chains and toothed belts, a review of basic engine mechanical testing and how these tests are affected by valvetrain. This class will also familiarize technicians with some of the latest engine technologies found on today’s vehicles. Some of the topics include: Variable Valve Timing (VVT), Spline Phaser system, Vane Phaser Overhead Cam (OHC) system, and Vane Phaser Overhead Cam (OHC) magnetically controlled system. This class will cover operation and unique service procedures related to each system.

About Jerry Tempel:

Jerry has worked for ACDelco for more than a decade, first as a product specialist (the technical person of the sales team) and then as an instructor and training manager for the past three years.  Early in his career, Jerry served in the Army, repairing generators, and worked in the dealership service world for 26 years.  Jerry loves to teach the young and old about cars. He says, “The greatest feeling is when you can see when a student finally understands how something works.”

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